Snow Day Headbands

Today is all about the pretty white fluffy stuff that is covering our yards and falling on our noses! Cherie is sharing a super quick and super easy snowflake Snow Day Headband that is fun for all winter long. This headband is a great accessory to wear in your hair or to create as a fun brooch to pin onto your favorite winter coat. Enjoy!

Snow Day Headband - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
We love snow days at our house!  We also love to have hair accessories to go with every occasion! Today I’m going to show you how to make some simple headbands that will be so fun to wear on snow days and all winter long!

3/8″ Ribbon to cover headband
3/8″ Ribbon for snowflake

Mystic Blue 6MM Gems White Dazzle
Snowflake Button

First wrap a 1/2″ headband with 3/8″ ribbon.  In the picture above I show where to glue the ribbon down.  Glue the ribbon at an angle covering the end of the headband.

Fold the ribbon end over and hot glue it in place.

Continue to wrap the ribbon around the headband, gluing as you go. Don’t overlap the ribbon.

Keep wrapping until you get to the other end of the headband.  Make sure to cover the end of the headband.

To make a snowflake, I cut 4 pieces of White Dazzle 3/8″ ribbon to 2″ long.  This ribbon is perfect for a snowflake because it is a little more stiff than regular Grosgrain Ribbon.  Plus the glitter is so much fun!  I cut each end to a point and sealed the ends.

Snow Day Headband - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I glued the ribbon pieces to look like a snowflake and put a gem in the center.

Snow Day Headband - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
What’s life without a little variety? I made one more headband, this one was much quicker!

IMG_3566 (1)
I cut this super cute 1 1/2″ Snowflake ribbon to 16″ and glued it to a 2 1/2″ elastic piece with E600 Glue.
Clip clothes pins on the ribbon and elastic to secure the glue overnight while it dries.  This glue is very strong so it can be stretched with no problem.  You could also sew the ribbon to the elastic.

The total size of this headband is 18 1/2″.  This size fits my 4 year old.  For any size headband the elastic would be 2 1/2″ but the ribbon would be longer for a larger size.  Measure your child’s head and minus 1″ for the total length of the headband.

I cut the ribbon at an angle and sealed the ends.

Snow Day Headband - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I clipped a flower to the headband.  I didn’t glue it so I could have the option of her wearing this headband plain.

These headbands are fun and easy to make and really embrace the fun and excitement of winter!

Thank you Cherie! What a fun winter accessory! I love the winter…I know, I am crazy! I love snow, sledding, snowball fights, shoveling my driveway right after a nice snowfall and most of all SNOW DAYS! Are you shaking your head at me right now??? It’s ok, my family does too! Hehe! This fun accessory is really cute and so perfect for your little snow angel!

Winter time is so much fun and one of the prettiest times of year. Do you also love wintertime? Here are a few more projects, all about winter, you are sure to love…

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The Ribbon Retreat has so many fun ribbon colors and patterns to use in your next bow creation. Check out all of our ribbon right HERE, and while you are at it…get all of your supplies for all of your crafting endeavors.
We are your convenient, one stop crafty shop!

Snow Day Headband - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Snowflakes!
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