Striped Ribbon Lampshade

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Hello! I’m Rachel, from R & R Workshop.  I’m happy to be here!  Ribbon is so fun to use for projects or bows in my daughter’s hair. But let me just say, I never knew there were so many different types of ribbon! Stripes, Polka Dots, Rainbow, any color or size you can think of!
I will be showing you a tutorial today using ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat.

Stripes are so classic, and they can work with any home decor you have. I’ve been trying to add stripes into my home, and I thought it would be fun to add stripes to a lampshade with ribbon! Super easy to do, and it will give your lamp a new look without paint or buying a new shade.

You will need:

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
// A Lampshade
// Ribbon– I used black & white Grosgrain
//Glue Glun
//Optional: Ribbon for a bow (I used Moonstitch ribbon with polka dots)

1. Cut your ribbon into strips. The length will depend on how tall your lampshade is.

2. Start with one piece of ribbon and fold it over the lampshade and glue in place (like seen below.) Then glue the whole piece of ribbon to the shade. Do this until your lampshade is covered.

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
The ribbon on my lamp is curved instead of straight up and down. The first pieces of ribbon started out a little straighter and then started to curve. I liked how that looked so I went with it on the rest of the lampshade.

3. How to finish it off? Well, if you wanted it to curve, it gets kind of tricky once you get all the way back around. So finish it the best you can. You may have to try and work with it. I held my pieces up to really see where they would be, before I glued them.

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

4. I added another piece of ribbon on top of the black ribbon to hide the pieces that were overlapping.

5. To finish off my shade, I glued black ribbon around the bottom and top of the inside of the shade.
Just to give it a more finished look. 🙂

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Your done! Since Halloween is this month, I had to add a little fun to the lamp and add a bow. The orange moonstitch ribbon is so darling! I love polka dots and the little scalloped edges are too cute!

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
 Depending on the holiday, you can change the bow around the base for each holiday. Red or green for Christmas; Pink or red for Valentines; Red, white, or blue for 4th of July – So many fun options! 🙂

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I love how it turned out! Black and white is so classic.

Striped Ribbon Lampshade - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Thank you Rachel and welcome aboard! I am so excited to have Rachel as our newest Contributor. Rachel has so many fun and creative ideas, and I am so glad that she shared this awesome ribbon lampshade with us today!
Rachel, you are so SO awesome! Thanks again for sharing your creative talent with us!!! For more creative projects, don’t forget to stop by R & R Workshop and say hello to Rachel while you are there. 🙂

Are you like Rachel? Did you have any idea there are so many ribbon choices to choose from? Here at The Ribbon Retreat, we have a HUGE selection of ribbon for you to choose from. We have everything…and I mean EVERYTHING from Solid Grosgrain and Satin, Printed Ribbon, Dotted Ribbon, Striped and Chevron Ribbon….and much much more!!!

What is your favorite type of ribbon?

Happy Creating & Happy RIBBONS!
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