Summer Bias Dress Tutorial

Summer Bias Dress Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Hello Ribbon Retreat readers – I’m Melissa, from Melly Sews, and today I’m here to share the sundress tutorial for this Summer Bias Dress using fabrics from the Oh Deer collection.

Summer Bias Dress Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

You’ll need:

  • 2 yards of fabric
  • 6 yards of 1/2″ double fold bias tape
  • The pattern, which you can download here. This is just for the top shape of the dress – you’ll need to add at least 20 inches to the bottom (I’m short, so you may want to add more)
  • lingerie sliders
  • 1/2″ wide elastic

This dress is a women’s size small (32-34″ bust)

Start by cutting out your two pieces on the fold of the fabric.


Place the two pieces right sides together and stitch down the side seams, finishing with your preferred finishing method. Don’t know how to finish seams? Check this tutorial.


Pin bias tape to the wrong side of the center back. Stitch along the fold closest to the edge of the fabric. New to bias tape? Check this tutorial.


Fold bias tape to the right side of the fabric, pin so the folded edge covers the seam line from the last step, and stitch.



Use the guide on the pattern to cut two pieces of bias tape for the center front of the dress.


Open bias tape and pin cut edges like this.


Sew together as shown.


Align the non-sewn peak of the bias tape at center front on the wrong side of the fabric on the dress front. Stitch on the fold line from the edge to the center front.


Turn the bias tape at center, pin, and stitch from the center front to the edge.


Fold bias tape to the right side. Pin and stitch. Trim off excess at ends.



Cut 2 18″ pieces of bias tape. Starting at the back side of the dress, unfold and pin bias tape as shown in the arm curve, making sure to leave some excess hanging off the back edge – about 1/2″. Stitch down the fold line closest to fabric edge.


Fold bias tape to right side, folding raw edges under at the short ends. Pin and stitch in place, continuing your stitching up along the strap, closing the bias tape.


Cut 2 3″ pieces of bias tape. Fold raw edges in and stitch.



Slide through rings of lingerie sliders.


Pin to back corners of dress and stitch in place with a square, as shown below.


Thread long ends of straps through other pieces of lingerie sliders.


Thread straps up through the lingerie rings.


Thread ends of straps through lingerie sliders again. Tweezers or needle-nose pliers can be helpful here.


Stitch end of strap to itself around lingerie slider using a short stitch length and a medium zig-zag stitch, then pull straps tight.


Try on your dress. Mark where you want the waist to be.

Cut one more piece of bias tape the same width as the waist of your dress. Iron it flat, so that it is 1″ wide single fold tape. Fold the short ends under 1/4″ and stitch in place.


Pin this to the waist, checking that it is level all the way around, to form the waist casing. Stitch on the top and bottom edge, leaving the short ends open so you can thread the drawstring.


Cut a piece of elastic 6″ shorter than your waist. Cut 2 12″ pieces of bias tape. Sew them shut as you did for the dress straps, and then sew onto the elastic at either end to make your drawstring.


Using a safety pin, pull the drawstring through your waist casing.


Cinch it up, tie a bow, and put your dress on.

Summer Bias Dress Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogSummer Bias Dress Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Thanks so much for having me!


Thank you Melissa and welcome! Isn’t she so great? I had the privilege of meeting Melissa at the most amazing blogger conference called SNAP! She is a wonderfully talented seamstress and pattern designer, and I am so happy she shared her talent with us today. She is currently hosting a summer sundress event called 30 Days of Sundresses on her blog, an event The Ribbon Retreat is sponsoring. Wahooo! Head on over and visit Melissa and her sundress event at Melly Sews to see more creations and designs by Melissa.

Doesn’t that dress make you so excited for the sun’s rays and those long summer days? Yay! I love summer and playing in the sun. Melissa’s fabric choice is really great and really brightens up this fun summer dress. The Ribbon Retreat has so many terrific fabric choices to make this summer dress, a cute light skirt, or any summertime craft. We have a lot more fun and summery dresses and skirts you are also sure to love, just like this Summer Bias Dress.

Check out some of our other summer lovin’ apparel:
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What dress/skirt is your favorite? It is such a hard decision…all of them are so fun and so great for those bright sunny days.

Happy Creating!
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