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Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…who is ready for some SUMMERTIME? All of you peeps swingin’ your hands in the air, guess what…it’s coming! It is really coming! Now the question is…are you ready for it? Are your shorts ready and some super cute flip flops? What about your big summer hats, shades and sunscreen? What about your list of all of the super fun and super summery things you want to do and all the divine places you want to go before school is back in session? Bad news, I don’t have any of those things ready at my house, but Amy from Ameroonie Designs totally does and today she is sharing how she has gotten herself ready for those sunny days and super fun adventures with an adorable Summer Bucket List Banner! This banner is the best and one that will be popping up in my home very, very soon! Enjoy!

Summer Bucket List Banner - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello Friends!  It’s Amy from Ameroonie Designs here again!  Can you believe it’s almost summer?  It seems like the days just fly by faster and faster as my kids get older.  My oldest will be starting high school next year, so I’m trying to hold on to the days I have left with her.
A few years ago we did a summer bucket list and the kids are still talking about it, so I decided it was time to revisit that idea again this year.  It’s a mixture of a wish list and a challenge to me because with six children, trying to go anywhere requires planning and effort – something I’m not always good at providing.  I’m hoping that now that we have picked these items for our list, it will help me stay focused on doing things the children are excited about and pushing my comfort zone just a little bit. And adding the instax prints to the mix will make sure I document the events too! If you’re ready to add a bit of focus and fun to your summer – read on, I’ll show you how I made it.

Summer Bucket List Tutorial

Summer Bucket List Banner - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
You will need:

Get All Of Your Supplies
Feel free to change up the ribbon selection to suit your decor and wishes.
I chose a bright rainbow of summery colors.

First, decide on what size you want your papers to be.  I wanted mine to frame the instax mini pictures I’m hoping to take so I cut my papers to 3″ X 4″ rectangles.  If you don’t want to add pictures, you could cut the papers smaller, or, if you want to add larger pictures – make them bigger.  Also, keep in mind where you plan to display your banner – I am using an old window for mine so this size fit nicely, adjust your paper sizes bigger or smaller depending on how much area you want to cover.

Summer Bucket List Banner - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Second, decide on how many items you want to add to the list.  The package of clothespins has 24 in it, but I only did 20 items on mine – I don’t want to set expectations so high I won’t be able to live up to them. 🙂
Cut out enough papers to have one for each item on your list.  Punch holes in the top corners of each paper. (If you are hanging the banner on a wall, you could skip the holes and just use the clothespins to hold the papers onto the ribbon. Because I’m putting mine on the window, I wanted the papers to hang forward evenly, so I used the holes.)

I added an accent of white cardstock on the bottom of each paper where I could write the item we are doing.  I cut these at 1/2″ X 3″.  You might not need this depending on what papers you use.
Write each bucket list item on each piece of paper.
Decide on the order you want to hang the papers.

Cut the white 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon to the length you want the banner to be.  Be sure to add a few inches so you can attach it to wherever you are going to hang it.
String the papers onto the white ribbon.

Summer Bucket List Banner - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut 5″ lengths of all the other ribbons.  Tie them to the white ribbon in between the papers, I used two sheer ribbons and three grosgrain ribbons between each set of papers – mixing the colors for each section.  Trim them to the desired length.
I have not decided if I want to paint the clothespins, or use ribbon to cover them, or let the kids decorate them as an art project.  But, if you want to cover them with ribbon, the 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon will cover them perfectly with just a bit of hot glue.
Now all that is left is to get out there and live your summer!
I’d love to hear what is going on your bucket list?

The first item going on my bucket list…is to make this adorable banner! I can’t even wait for my kiddos to help me come up with the super fun and summery things they want to do this summer! We are so excited for summer at this house, I didn’t even make my boys go to school yesterday. Yep, that’s right…we just hung out all day! Sorry teachers!
Thank you Amy for sharing this awesome project with us! I love how all that bright ribbon added the perfect sense of summery goodness, and your paper scraps are adorable! For more projects that are bright and cheery and the epitome of creative, make sure to check out Amy’s blog Ameroonie Designs.

I am so excited that summer is right around the corner! I LOVE my kiddos being home so we can just chill! Here are a few more projects perfect for summer that will get you even more excited for those sunny days!

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Get your summertime crafty supplies right here…today! The Ribbon Retreat is full of summery goodness and lots of bright colors of ribbon, tulle, flowers, resins, buttons and so much more! You will love browsing around and only having to make one stop to get all of your needed supplies to create all of the fun projects above AND all of the projects on your summer craft to-do list! Visit our fun crafty shop HERE!

Summer Bucket List Banner - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Banners!
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