Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy, perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

New to sewing? We have a super easy Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt tutorial for you! You can create an adorable skirt, using cute fabrics in no time! If you aren’t new to sewing, you will love how easy it is to ruffle this skirt! To learn how to make it, click read more.

Hey, it’s Amber from Crazy Little Projects again! I need to stop sewing things for baby girls. If I’m going to sew I ought to sew things that are useful to my life. But I just couldn’t resist this fabric! So, I made a three layer ruffled baby skirt.

This skirt is so quick and easy! Probably a good project for a beginner to try.

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt Tutorial:

What you Need:

3 coordinating fabrics – about 1/2 yard each (you will have leftover)
This tutorial used Fly Away by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman.
You can find it and a wonderful selection of fabrics at The Ribbon Retreat.


Safety Pin


First you need to figure out how long you want your skirt. Mine fits about a 12 month size and is a total of 7 inches long when totally finished. You need to add a couple of inches when you are cutting to account for the hem at the bottom of the skirt and the elastic casing at the top.

So, for my 12 month size, my top layer of fabric was cut about 5 inches by 42 inches. My second layer is about 7 inches by 42 inches and my third layer is about 9 inches by 42 inches. Add a little to that if you want a bigger skirt, take a little from that if you want it smaller.

Sew a hem on the bottom of each of the fabrics. To do this simply fold the fabric under about 1/2 inch once and press flat, then fold it another 1/2 inch and stitch in place:

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Once you have done that for all 3 pieces, line them up one on top of the other:

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Fold the top of the skirt down about 1 inch, so that wrong sides are touching:

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Sew along the bottom of that creating a casing for your elastic.

Grab your large safety pin and attach it to the end of your elastic. Slide the safety pin into your little casing that you just made and pull. Continue to pull and slide your elastic into the casing.

Ruffle the fabric of your skirt onto the elastic to the desired width of the skirt. (You can measure your child’s waist first to determine how wide you want it.)

When you have it just how you want it, sew the elastic in place and then sew the two sides of the skirt together:

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Your top ruffle should look like this:

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

That’s it! You’re done. Was that easy? I hope that was easy!

Then you go try it on your baby boy and hope he’s not scarred for life, but you have to try it on someone!

Three Layer Ruffled Baby Skirt - So easy and perfect for beginners! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

This would look great with a pair of matching baby shoes.

And seriously, I am vowing to take a break for sewing baby girl things for a while.

Thank you Amber! This is such a cute skirt, and I love how simple it is! This three layer ruffled baby skirt is the perfect project for beginning sewers. It doesn’t take a ton of fabric and the sewing is minimal. I love that you get ruffles with just sliding the elastic in.

You can find beautifully coordinated fabrics from your favorite designers here at The Ribbon Retreat. We have a wide variety that would be beautiful for a little girl.

Amber has the best tutorials. The projects are beautiful and the instructions simple. Click her name at the top to see all the other tutorials she has contributed. And also visit her for lots of tutorials at Crazy Little Projects!

If you are interested in sharing your crafts or bow making skills, we are searching for crafty contributors. If you’re a craft blogger or bow maker who’d like to submit a tutorial of your own, visit our Project Submission Page to see all the details. We love all tutorials, and now especially love holiday ones! We make it worth your while! We love our contributors!

Have a great day! ~ Shirley, The Ribbon Retreat Blog Editor

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  1. Megan
    Posted September 2, 2013 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    For your 12 month sized ruffle skirt, how long did you cut your elastic?

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted September 3, 2013 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

      Hi Megan! Thank you for your question. Amber said her elastic length was about 18 inches. Hope this helps. Good luck with this fun skirt! Have a great day! Michelle 🙂

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