Two Quick and Easy Fish Ribbon Sculptures

Have I ever mentioned that I am a HUGE fan of fishing? It is one of my most favorite hobbies. I love packing up the poles and the kids and those yucky slimy worms to head out for a great big catch, well…to be honest, any catch makes me thrilled. So…I am sure you can only imagine how excited I am about these super cute little Fish Ribbon Sculptures that Rebeca from Clips N Things is sharing with us today. Want the best news about these fish, they are MUCH cuter than any fish I have ever caught and a lot less slimy too. Speaking of, I can’t wait to catch a couple of these sweet little fishy for my kiddos! Enjoy!

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello again !! It’s Rebeca from Clips N Things. It’s a pleasure to be a Contributor with the Ribbon Retreat and to bring you a new tutorial. Today’s tutorial is a cute ribbon fish sculpture, 2 in fact. What I love about these fish is that they are made with boys in mind.

They are made by using a locking brooch pin and that way they can be attached to their jackets, vests or even hats. (However, they also look AMAZING attached to hair clips and headbands for your little lady too!!) Let’s get started. As always, you can find all the supplies at The Ribbon Retreat.

Need Some Ribbon

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
3/8” grosgrain ribbon in 2 colours

1 locking brooch pin

1 googly eye (from any local craft store)

Cut out 3 pieces of each colour, 2 pieces of 1.5” and 1 piece of 1”. Cut the longer pieces to have an angled end as shown in the picture.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
This fish is very simple. You’re going to glue the three pieces of one colour onto one of the longest pieces of the second colour by alternating long piece in front and short piece in the back, long piece in the front again.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Then you will weave the second colour pieces in the same way. I glued each part where the ribbon intersected. Make sure your angled ends (which make the fins and tail) line up the same way.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
To add the locking brooch pin, use a felt circle (you may have to trim it) and cut two slits a bit shorter than the pin, and weave the pin through them. Glue to the back of your fish.

Add his eyes and he’s ready to use!

Use any colour combinations you like!!

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
You could even use patterned ribbon….see what combinations you come up with!

Our next little fish is also a great accessory for boys or girls and both are sure to love this little guy too!

Make sure to visit the Ribbon Retreat for your supplies.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
7/8” grosgrain, cut into a 7” piece with spikes on either end

3/8” grosgrain, same colour or coordinating colour, about 3 inches long

Locking brooch pin

Googly eye (from local craft store)

Needle and thread

Heat sealing tool and scissors

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut your ribbon to 7” and cut a “V” on either end. Seal the edges with a lighter or wood burning tool. Cross the ends together to form an almost point, stitch through, cinch and tie off.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Use your 3” piece of ribbon and tie a knot in the middle. I usually just take the end of my ribbon tie a knot, leaving about 3/4″ on the end and then cut off leaving another 3/4″ on the other side of the knot.

Glue one end of the ribbon knot to the brooch pin, glue that to the back of the fish, wrap around and glue the other end of the knot to the back of the fish. This step is the same as adding a knot centre to a bow.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Your fish is now complete, just add the eye.

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Try him in any colour you want. You can even change the colour of the knot.

So, cute right?!? I love these little fish guys and that Rebeca has created these little guys with all of our fellas in mind. However, of course these fish would also look spectacular attached to a hair clip or sitting atop a headband for your sweet little ladies, too! Whoever you make them for and however they wear them, these little fish are screaming summer and are so darn cute! Thank you Rebeca for sharing these fun little ribbon sculptures. Make sure to check out all of Rebeca’s creations at Clips N Things.

I am loving those sweet little fish and all of the possible looks you could achieve with switching out colors or designs of ribbon to make a whole sea of fish. Ribbon sculptures are so much fun to make and you can make the cutest little creatures, princesses and animals ever. Here are a few more for you to fall in love with…

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What ribbon sculptures are your favorite…animals, critters, or something else?

Fish Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Ribbon Sculptures!
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  1. Posted July 15, 2015 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    These grosgrain ribbon fish would make the cutest hair clips for my 5 year old niece. We just went to the aquarium last week, so she has been really interested in fish. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, it will make a fun project for us to do together.

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted July 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

      Hi Callie! Yay! Thank you! Fish are so much fun, and I love that your little niece is so into them now! Have so much fun crafting together! Thank you again! Michelle 🙂

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