Winter Washi Tape Home Decor

Winter Washi Tape Decor - The Ribbon Retreat BlogNow that all of your Christmas decor is down, couches are pushed back to their original places, and your stockings are no longer hung by the fire with care…does your house look a little sad and bare? Let’s make your walls happy again with a super cute, easy and fun Winter decor to hang and dress up those walls again.

Christmas time is always so cherry and bright but once the decor comes down for another year, my living room looks so big and BARE. So…I created this fun snowflake out of washi tape and made a cute hanger with some of my favorite ribbon. This project can be made in under 10 minutes and is super budget friendly coming in at under $10.00.

Let’s make one together!

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThe supplies you will need to create your Winter Washi Tape decor is:
-Your favorite ribbon.
I used our Dotted Ribbon for the bows and hanger, and I used our Mini Chevron Ribbon for the middle of my bows.

-Your favorite washi tape.
I used Chevron Blue.

-Magnetic Board
I bought mine at Porters Crafts and Frames for $5.00.

Now that you have your supplies, all you need is 10 minutes and your washi tape project will be complete.
Ready, Set, Let’s Create…

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog1. Place your first piece of washi tape in the middle of your board.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog2. Place second piece of tape across the middle of your first piece creating a “t”.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog3. Place your third piece of tape across the two previous pieces at a diagonal.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog4. Place your fourth piece of tape across the three previous pieces at the opposite diagonal creating a star shape.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog5. This next step is a little difficult and time consuming but gives you the snowflake look. You will place 4 little strips of tape under the long strips of tape you placed in steps 1-4. Carefully peel back the tape and place two little strips under the tape about an 1 1/2″ from the top of the tape and the additional two little strips right at the top.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog6. Repeat step 5 until all of the long strips have four little strips under them creating a snowflake design.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog7. Now you are going to hot glue your ribbon hanger to the back of the board. Before cutting your ribbon, place it behind your board to determine how long you want your hanger to be. Cut and hot glue ends of ribbon to the back of the board in the corners.

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog8. Tie two bows and hot glue them to the very edge of the board. I place a little bit of hot glue also on the hanger and applied the bow. Hold the bow on the board/hanger until you feel it is secure.
*To tie my bows and wrap my mini chevron ribbon around the bows, I used our awesome How To Make A Little Bow YouTube video. Using this technique will get you perfect bows everytime! It is so super simple!

Winter Washi Tape Home Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog>Yay! You are done and look how much fun your snowflake is. You can create any image you would like. I created a snowflake to give me a winter decor that I can keep up all winter long. I love my little snowflake and the splash of color this fun and easy project gave to my room.

What is your favorite washi tape and what would you create with it?

Happy Creating, Happy Washi Tape & Happy Winter Decor!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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