Winter Wonderland Wreath

I absolutely love welcoming family, friends and neighbors to my home with a great big festive wreath! I love making wreaths, and I love how they make my home look all ready for the holidays. Today Mary, from Little Mama Bowtique, is sharing a lovely and very fluffy wreath perfect for welcoming in these cold winter months and your holly holiday guests. Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hi all, Mary back from Little Mama Bowtique with a Winter Wonderland Wreath!! Can someone please tell me how it is December anyways?! Time has been flying by and for some reason this year holiday decorating has creeped up on me faster than before!
With that being said I know I am not the only one running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off at this time of year so how about a 3 step tutorial?! Easy peasy, because yes I know I tend to get caught up in the fancy smancy stuff, so how about something everyone can put together in under an hour! This would also make a lovely gift if you don’t find yourself needing a wreath for your front door!

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Supplies you will need:
*wreath form, I used a 16 inch foam form, from WalMart
*4 ropes of white marabou
*4 inch wide strips of white fleece or felt
*glue gun and glue sticks
*array of flowers or fun things to put on your wreath
*ribbon to hang it with


Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Step one – take your 4 inch strips of fleece or felt and wrap your wreath form all the way around. Hot glue makes styrofoam melt so you will want to just glue to start your strand and stop.

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Wrap the entire wreath form in your felt.

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Step two – take your ropes of marabou and wrap them around the wreath. Tip: use the “rope” portion at the beginning and ends to glue down and not the feathers, try to start and stop each strand at the back of your wreath.

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Step three – arrange and glue down your flowers or other items you would like to use to decorate your wreath with. I love the goose pad, flowers, and glitter bow from The Ribbon Retreat I used here. They were the perfect touch for my “Winter Wonderland” theme I had in mind.

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Tie a length of ribbon around the top to hang it from. I placed a bow at the top and heat sealed the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying. That’s it folks, easy peasy right? While I was outside hanging it up my neighbor even jumped over to ask if I made it, and she said it was gorgeous, win!! I hope you have fun making your very own and happy holidays to you all!

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Thank you Mary for sharing such a fun, festive and wintry wreath! This Winter Wonderland Wreath is a wonder and so very beautiful. All who come to your home will love being welcomed by this wreath that is easy and quick to make and so wonderful to look at. This winter inspired wreath is so pretty with that white marabou, light blue and grey flowers and that sparkly little bow. But, can you imagine how fun this wreath would be in a different color scheme inspired by another holiday or special event? So fun!!!

I am a HUGE wreath fan! I love to have them hanging on my front door all year long and inside my home too, adding a splash of color and personality to different rooms and areas of my home. They are so much fun to make and typically go together really fast. Here are a few more fabulous wreaths for all of you fellow wreath lovers out there.

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Christmas Ribbon Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
The Ribbon Retreat has all of the ribbon plus so much more for you to create your very own holiday wreaths. From holiday to everyday ribbon, we have anything and everything you will need! Come and visit us HERE to see our ribbon selection and other wreath and other craft supplies perfect for your holiday and everyday crafting endeavors!

Winter Wonderland Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Holiday Wreaths!
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