Jacquard Ribbon

Jacquard RibbonCurrently, the Ribbon Retreat has a wonderful selection of jacquard ribbon available. Jacquard is a type of tightly woven ribbon that is perfect for embellishing and beautifying projects of all types, such as home décor, crafts, accessories, clothing, purses, scrapbooking, and more. The ribbon is very detailed, high quality, colorful, and picturesque. The unique patterns and designs woven into jacquard make it one of the most exquisite and highly distinguishable ribbons. Here at the Ribbon Retreat, we carry several popular Jacquard patterns, including Bukhara, Circle Waves, Flowers, Multi Jewels, Paisley, Suzani, Palmette, and more. Such a great selection makes the ribbon the ideal choice for all your fashion, art, décor, and craft projects.

Use Jacquard Ribbon for All your Crafty Ideas

Although the possibilities are virtually endless, we recommend using jacquard ribbon when making headbands, hair accessories, greeting cards, holiday cards, invitations, picture frames, placemats, quilts, table runners, pillowcases, towels, aprons, scarves, belts, calendars, purses, wallets, clutches, checkbook holders, change purses, tote bags, diaper bags, and more. The enhanced look and added appeal that comes from using jacquard helps to take your projects stand out.

Jacquard Ribbon is More than Embellishing Existing Ribbons

Aside from helping to embellish a project, jacquard itself can be used as your project. For example, with a few ribbon end caps, a couple of clasps, and a strand of jewelry chain; you can turn a strip of jacquard into an elegant, yet trendy bracelet. The ribbon can also be made into watchbands. This is great for those who like to mix up their look or wear watchbands that correspond with certain outfits. In fact, with just a few inches of a couple different ribbon designs, you could literally have a bracelet or watchband to match every outfit in your closet! Another great jacquard-themed project: key chains. With a simple key chain ring, some fabric glue, and a couple of beads; you can transform a strip of jacquard into a creative and highly personalized key chain. Artsy animal lovers will love the fact that they can use jacquard to make one-of-a-kind, creative, and fashionable pet collars.

The intricate designs of jacquard ribbon allow for projects that are fashionable, beautiful, and highly artistic. The ribbon is a statement piece and so versatile, it can be used in theme-related projects of all types. Whether your theme is elegant, classy, stylish, modern, crafty, cute, friendly, ritzy, or fun; jacquard is such a dexterous ribbon, it is the perfect edition to any project!