Faux Leather Book Covers

We are so happy to have Amy from Ameroonie Designs sharing with us today! And we are IN LOVE with these adorable Faux Leather Book Covers! Wouldn’t they be perfect for Back to School? Cover and personalize those Composition Notebooks! Oooh, and how about fun teacher gifts? Is it too early to be thinking about that?? School has just started! 🙂

Faux Leather Book Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Hi!  It’s Amy from Ameroonie Designs here again and I am so excited to share with you these fun Faux Leather book covers. I love the timeless look of leather, and these are super easy to sew up!

Faux Leather– I chose chocolate chip, coral, turquoise and gold
Fold over elastic- I used gold dot and printed arrows
Sewing supplies, including machine, thread, matte tape and pinking shears (optional), binding clips- or paper clamps for holding pieces of faux leather together.

Faux Leather at The Ribbon Retreat

*I am choosing to cover a book of scriptures, but you can use any hard bound book or notebook.
1. Measure your book- you will need the height, and the width (how long from front to back)- make sure to include the thickness of the book when calculating the width
2. Add 1/2 inch to both height and width
3. Cut 1 piece of faux leather to the measurements you calculated in step 2.
4. Cut 2 pieces of faux leather 2 1/2″ wide by the height measurement from step 2.
5. Cut 1 piece of fold over elastic to 2″+ the height measurement from step 2.

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

If you want to add embellishments to the front of your book cover, do it first. I added strips of complementary faux leather to one, and hearts to others.
Place the fold over elastic with right side facing the right side of the leather 1″ in from the back side of the large piece. (this will be the side opposite any embellishments) Use clips to hold in place. Line the 2 1/2″ wide pieces, wrong sides together, on each side of large faux leather piece.

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Use clips to hold in place.
Sew around all four edges using a 1/4″ seam allowance. *TIP: before sewing put a piece of matte tape on the bottom of your presser foot to allow the faux leather to move more smoothly through your machine. I did NOT use a leather needle for this project, but you certainly could.

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

There is some stretch to the faux leather and with the give from running it through the sewing machine, you may end up with a bit of a wonky piece when you are done sewing. Don’t worry- as long as your measurements are accurate, the structure of the book will straighten things out! Trim off the extra material on the outside of your stitch lines. This is where I like to use the pinking shears, but you can just use a rotary cutter or scissors if you like. Put the cover on your book and fall in love!

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

There are so many fun colors of faux leather and styles of elastic to choose from- you will have endless options for your own book covers!

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Faux Leather Book Cover - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!

Thank you so much, Amy!! I am so in love with these Faux Leather Book Covers and CAN’T WAIT to get some of that faux leather home! TRR Blog Friends, you’ve got to check out some of Amy’s other projects! She is a total PRO at covering and embellishing notebooks!

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The Ribbon Retreat is your Book Covering Headquarters! Find all the supplies you need to take your books and notebooks from plain and boring to BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!! You can find The Ribbon Retreat HERE.


Happy Book Covering!
Lanae, TRR Blog

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