Faux Leather Bookmarks

We love books and we love faux leather! So let’s bring the two together with these super fun Faux Leather Bookmarks! Emily from The Benson Street is with us today to show you her beautiful creations! And again, who doesn’t love easy??? Get out your pinking shears for those cute edges! 🙂

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

It’s Emily from The Benson Street here today! I love to read, but maybe even more than I love to read, I love to make bookmarks. I was so excited to use this faux leather to create these gorgeous faux leather bookmarks. They are great for gifts or for a fun craft night with friends. Oh and did I mention they are simple and easy to make?!? I mean I am a fan of any project that takes a half an hour. Let’s get creating!

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

What you will need:

Faux Leather at The Ribbon Retreat

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

How to make the Faux Leather Bookmarks:

  1. Cut out the bookmark. I made mine 1 1/2″ x 6″. I used pinking shears to make the zig-zag, but normal straight scissors would work, too.
  2. Punch a hole with the Hole Punch in the top of the bookmark. Punch it twice — once on each side. You may have to cut it off the rest of the way with scissors depending on how well your Hole Punch works.
  3. Loop the thin ribbon through the hole using whatever colors you choose.
  4. Embellish with other ribbons as desired — or use fancy stitches from your sewing machine. Flowers or any other embellishments would work, too. Have fun with it!

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Faux leather is perfect for a bookmark. It is thicker than a paper bookmark so it will last, but thin enough to still fit in a book.

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

The possibilities are endless for making these bookmarks your own! What color of faux leather will your bookmark be?

Thank you, Emily! We LOVE IT when you join us and bring these fun projects! Check out some of Emily’s other projects on our blog:

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The Ribbon Retreat is your Faux Leather Bookmark Making Headquarters! Find all the colors you need HERE.

Faux Leather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Happy Bookmark Making!
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