Pilgrim Hat Ribbon Sculpture and Flower Loop Bow, YouTube Video

Pilgrim Hat Ribbon Sculpture and Flower Loop Bow, YouTube Video - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
What is a Thanksgiving celebration without a Pilgrim and their iconic hat? I remember coloring and decorating Pilgrim Hats in grade school and being so excited to take it home to show off my creative work to my parents. Of course they would “Ooooooo and Ahhhhh” and tell me I was so amazing, all while probably trying to figure out what exactly it was I was showing off to them! LOL! Awwww, the memories of years past!

Not only will you be as excited about today’s Pilgrim Hat project as I was in my younger years about my hat made from construction paper, but I can guarantee that no one will be wondering what your creation is when you make this adorable Pilgrim Hat Ribbon Sculpture sitting on top of a fun and festive Flower Loop Bow. The combination of these two hair accessories are beyond cute, eye catching and something you are going to love making, and all your neighbors and friends are going to envy! Shall we get started?


Flower Loop Bow – 4″ (For Kit: 5/8″ Orange/White Swiss Dot – Cut two pieces 10″, two pieces 8″; 5/8″ Brown/White Swiss Dot – Cut two pieces 10″, two pieces 8″; 5/8″ Orange – Cut two pieces 10″, two pieces 8″)
1 1/2″ Black Grosgrain Ribbon (Kit – 6″ piece)
3/8″ Brown/White Swiss Dot (Kit – 3″ piece)
3/8″ Black Grosgrain Ribbon (Kit – 4″ piece)
3/8″ Gold Glitter Ribbon or Yellow Ribbon (Kit – 2″ piece)
3/8″ Yellow/White Swiss Dot Ribbon (Kit – 6″ piece)
1/4″ Oatmeal Grosgrain Ribbon (Kit – 5″ piece)
Alligator Clip
Felt Circle
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue

Holiday Ribbon
Enjoy this fun video and even more fun project! It’s always a great day when you get two projects instead of just one out of a single video! Wahoo!

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Happy Creating & Happy YouTube Videos!
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