Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I’m so excited to be back over here with a fun tutorial for the holidays. Seriously, this is one of the best times of year, because I get to play with family, food and watching awesome themed shows on TV. Seriously, what would we do without Charlie Brown?! Anyway, back on subject; I’m super excited for this tutorial today, because not only can you use it for Thanksgiving this year, you can totally use it for Christmas, and even make more general ones that you can keep up year round. Doesn’t everyone want ruffles in their life all the time?!

This tablecloth is super easy to sew, so even a more beginner sewer could make it. And it’s also one that you can make your own, by adding more ruffles, make it bigger, etc.


Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogMeasure your table to figure out the top piece sizing. Mine is 48″ x 30″, so I cut my top fabric to be 50″ x 32″. That gives you a 1″ overhang on each side.

Next, I figured out the length of all 4 sides added together. Mine was 156″, so to give myself a ruffle, I did 1 1/2 times the length, giving me 234″ to work with. (You could do each side individually, but I found it easier to do just one big long one).

I also cut two different widths, a 6″ ruffle and an 11″ ruffle. To get these lengths I figured out the distance from the table to the seat of the chair and took off an inch so the ruffle wouldn’t actually hit the chair. But of course, you must account for hems and sewing such, so I added 1″ back onto my widths.

My 2 ruffles came out to be:

  • 7″ x 234″
  • 12″ x 234″

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogOn the ruffle strips, hem 1 of the 2 long sides with a 1/4″ hem by folding the fabric over 1/4″ and then 1/4″ again and use a straight stitch down the top of it.

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogOnce you have done the hem on both ruffle strips, lay the smaller ruffle on top of the larger one with the un-hemmed edges inline.

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogNow you’ll use my quick ruffle trick. Use a straight stitch, 1/4″ down from the top, with a tension of 7 to get it sized back down to the size of the table top. Do not back stitch at the beginning or the end, and leave a LONG tail of thread in case you need adjusting once sewn.

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogIf you need to, move the ruffle around a little to get it to the length you need. Leave a small overhang so that you can overlap at the end, when sewing it to the tabletop.
Find the center of your ruffles, and this will be your starting point to sew. Pin that center to one of the corners of the table top, with right sides facing in and the ruffle laying toward the middle. Sew around the edge, using a 1/2″ hem. Then go back to the middle and start by going the other way until you are all the way to the end. This should give you the overlap that you need to hide your edge!

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThat’s it, you are done and you have an amazing tablecloth to use for your upcoming holiday get together!

Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Ruffled Tablecloth Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Thank you Vanessa! What a gorgeous tablecloth! This tablecloth is just in time for the yummiest feast of the year and it is a perfect table companion the whole holiday season.
Thank you again Vanessa for sharing your talent with us today. For more fun and festive tutorials by Vanessa, don’t forget to stop by her blog at Our Thrifty Ideas.

This tablecloth is so, SO much fun and not only will this tablecloth be perfect for the holidays, with a little change in fabric choice, you can have a tablecloth to dress up your table everyday. You could also add as many ruffles as you would like. AND, wouldn’t it be so cute for each of the ruffles to be a different fabric?
I can hardly wait to make one of my own. I love ruffles!

What fabric line would you choose to create your Ruffled Tablecloth?

Happy Creating & Happy Ruffles!
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