Free Digital Color Charts

You may use these color charts on your personal website, eBay, or ETSY.

Solid Grosgrain Chart 1

Solid Grosgrain Chart 2

Solid Grosgrain Chart 3

Satin Chart 1

Satin Chart 2

Satin Chart 3

Regular Stripes Chart

Sheer Chart

Polka Dot Chart 1

Polka Dot Chart 2

Swiss Dot Chart

Tulle Chart 1

Tulle Chart 2


1.  Click on the desired Color Chart.
2.  Once the file opens, right click on the image and click "Save Picture As". 
3.  Save the image to the desired location on your computer.


If you want your color chart to show up as an image on your page, here is the sample code:

<img src "http://www.PATH TO IMAGE/SolidGrosgrainChart1.jpg">

If you want your color chart to be viewed on a separate page, here is the sample code:

<a href="http://www.PATH TO IMAGE/SolidGrosgrainChart1.jpg" target=_blank>Solid Grosgrain Chart 1</a>


The Ribbon Retreat Team